Ruota dei Colori


Caterina murino with Velvet Choker

Once upon a time …

the clear sky in the Ancient Land of Sardinia … To draw this sky someone took the colors of the wind, the sea, the woods and the soul of its inhabitants and mixed them in one color: the color of  Traditions … the color of Love…

The Collection

Velvet is a traditional Sardinian fabric.

The Collection is entirely handmade by our masters goldsmith of Sardinia.

Life is a huge canvas: turn all the colors you can onto it.

Medium Velvet Choker and Sardinia Gold Filigree.

Small Velvet Choker in Sardinia Gold Filigree.

For a Better World…

Velvet Safe World Peace Choker in collaboration with Fadia Otte

in Sardinia Gold Filigree…