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Once upon a time…

The Soul of the Ancient Land called Sardinia… The soul of Sardinia is its people. Sardinia is the happy Island of a proud people, closed, timid, that listens and doesn’t speek, who knows and recognizes the purity of the spirit of others, with the reserve of the first moments and progressively, an opening of the heart. It is the Land of honesty, of the respect of oneself, of what belongs to us and what does not. A people that recognizes the luck it has had since its’ birth and grows up respecting it. A people of dreamers, but whose roots are well grounded, close to her magnificent oak corns and olive trees. It is the Land of my ancestors. It is the Land that has offered me Christmases. It is the Land that i carry deep inside of me. It is the Land that makes me cry simply by earing the sound of her name.

It is the Land of Sardinia



Handmade Gold Filigree Ring

Simple as Love

Lace of Love

Handmade Gold Filigree Ring

Like a lace on your finger…