Corte dei Petali


Once upon a time…

There was the Peony in this Ancient Land called Sardinia… The Peony is the Sardinian flower symbol. It’s called:  Rosa de monti,  Arrosa de monti,  Rosa ‘e monte,  Arrosa de padenti,  Arrosa ‘e Kogas. In the past the Peony were considered gifted with magic powers. It has been used to keep away the evil spirits. That’s why it is often bound to the witches and their flights. Or it has been used to prepare an ointment to help the witches metamorphosis.

Caterina Murino


Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor….

Peonies embody romance and prosperity…

Peonies are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage…..


The collection

       Corte dei Petali Collection offers you the most exceptional hand-selected stones: Diamonds, Purple Jades, Sapphires and Red Coral Drops. Completely handmade by Master craftsmen, our High Jewellery Collection is inspired by the innate beauty of Peony, the symbol of Sardinia.

Peony one of the most beautiful creations of nature.

Purple Jades Collection

Coral Collection


Coral Bracelet