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nodo savoia

Once upon a time…

the Kingdom of the Savoy family in the Ancient Land called Sardinia.
The knot of love is also called the Savoy knot, because it was this Piedmontese family that used it in Heraldry. The love knot is a very strong symbol of eternal fidelity. … The knot, therefore, since ancient times, has taken on the symbolic meaning of junction and bond between two people, or between God and man …

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The love knot is a very strong symbol of eternal fidelity. It is said that King Amedeo VI of Savoy (the Green Count), who lived in the mid-14th century, wanted to insert this symbol in his coats of arms and in the symbolism of the family. The shape of the love knot is very reminiscent of the symbol of infinity, numerically an inverted eight, it is a soft knot, which binds but without forcing. It symbolizes an eternal bond.

nodo savoia

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