I Danzatori del Crepuscolo


Once upon a time…

…the Nuragic bronze statuettes in the Ancient Land called Sardinia. The “Bronzetti” are typical Nuragic Sardinian bronze sculptures of the final phase of the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age. During the archaeological excavations in Sardinia, more than 500 of these bronze statuettes have been discovered, mainly in places of worship like the holy wells and the so-called megara temples but also in villages and nuraghes. They represent scenes of everyday life of the nuragic people, depicting characters from various social classes, animal figures, warriors, chiefs, divinities, everyday objects and ships.

Silver and Sardinia Coral belt  ” I Danzatori del Crepuscolo” with the hunt  theme of our historical Bronzetti and with a Sardinian filigree Chain.