Fili di Acqua


Once upon a time…

there was a wonderful  sea in this Ancient Land called Sardinia …. the water of life … but her beauty doesn’t come from the transparency of her crystal clear waters, nor from her white foam tops that fall just right onto the sea, nor from her intense green wild and fertile “maquis” , nor from her myrtle, cistus and juniper perfume, nor from her marvelous lukewarmness that envelopes the twelve months of the year, nor from her mistral winds that beat the coast one day , or three, or five consequently, nor from that azure sky from which the light irradiates directly from God… In fact we are fascinated and we fall under the charm of her magic, of her strength and her character which transpires from her Land..

Fili di Acqua Ring

Fili di Acqua Ring

Fili di Acqua Earrings

Fili di Acqua Mirto with Chain Ring